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Corporate Talks

Employers who care for employee health and wellbeing see higher productivity and profitability, lower turnover and less absenteeism. We would love to speak at your next corporate event to help your employees become healthier!

We offer 30 and 60 minutes talks to accommodate your company's employees and schedule. 

Vegetables in Paper Bags

Take a look below for some of our most popular topics. Don’t see anything you like? No problem! We can do a customized session based on what your employees are interested in. 

  • Fat doesn’t make you fat

  • The truth about sugar

  • 5 nutrition myths - Debunked

  • Eating for productivity

  • Eating for sleep

  • How to eat a balanced meal

  • How to eat for sustained energy

  • Easy nutrition for busy professionals 

  • The truth about cooking oils

  • Using food as medicine

  • Top 5 ingredients to avoid


 Virtual: 30 Min: $215     60 min: $300       In person (Denver metro area only): 30 Min: $500     60 Min: $750

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